Adam Mark Smith

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Million Dollar Cup of Water: Discovering the Wealth in Authenticity. Adam Mark Smith shares his personal journey from rags to riches, back to rags, and eventually to true wealth. Million Dollar Cup of Water is available now on Amazon and other leading online retailers.

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Adam Smith is an executive, author, motivational speaker, corporate workshop facilitator, and mindfulness-based coach.

Adam is a natural leader with over 20 years experience from start-ups to large companies, including IBM, KPMG and Credit Suisse. Three words that best describe Adam are Genuine, Passionate and Creative.

In his current corporate role as CFO and Head of Human Resources, he creates positive cultural change, encourages authentic leadership, and has helped lead the company through many challenges.

As a mindfulness-based coach, Adam helps deepen his clients’ authenticity and teaches them to access their own inner wisdom, key ingredients to truly connecting with themselves, their life’s purpose, their families, their community, employees and becoming a true leader in their businesses and in life outside the corporate walls.

As a corporate workshop facilitator, Adam uses storytelling and experiential exercises to teach employees and business leaders the power of grit, defining true success, seeing failures as opportunities, and ultimately what authenticity is and how to access it. Authenticity is showing up everyday as our true selves, without the many masks we think will keep us safe, make us successful, or make it easier for people to like and support us.

Adam loves dating his wife of 24 years and playing with his four sons by coaching their Little League teams, learning new tricks on the trampoline, wrestling, riding bikes, and falling off their skateboards.

Watch a 5-part series of Adam’s Life:

Part 1: Childhood
Part 2: Career at IBM and DLJ and Vante
Part 3: Family
Part 4: Chick Fil A Protest
Part 5: Gay Rights

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