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Intention Overcomes Fear

One of many lessons I have learned through this most unusual experience is this:

To become our truest and highest self,
To be the leaders we are all capable of being,
We must face our fears.

We must be willing to go to the places we do not want to go.
We must go to the places that we hide
from our co-workers, loved ones, and even ourselves.

We must go to the place we have never been,
but that which continues to call us home.

Our minds will convince us that to do so is certain
But our hearts,
the place from which we can also live and lead,
our hearts will guide us
to unconditional

When we are guided by serving others,
as business leaders
when we serve the ones we lead,
we become
one unit,
one company,
one shared purpose,



By being it.

By first
asking for it
and then making
our highest intention.

This is my intention for the next organization I join.

Why have I faced my fear of being seen, noticed, ridiculed, scoffed, and dismissed?

Because my intention is more important than being liked by all.
That game leads to conformity and commodity,
in business, government, and personal.
Because if I continue to hide what I feel compelled to do,
I will have missed the opportunity to bring
something beautiful and necessary
to this gorgeous and evolving world.

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