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You Have No Choice

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From today’s journaling…

The golden eagle looks to his left, having searched for meat, for more gold, more glory, for redemption  He sees his previous kills and senses there is more beyond these.  Beyond the visceral pulls of bondage.

A shriek he lets out,

golden eagle

a shriek of reckless abandon, a shriek to warn others of the sensual trappings to which he had fallen prey.  The prey had fallen prey and now shrieks with wisdom.

I stare at the golden eagle from afar and gaze at its feet, its claws clamping hard on the branch of the dead alder tree.

I leave my safe place and walk toward the beast.

I have a question.

I feel compelled.

“What is the point?  What is the purpose?”

I feel an answer the eagle will give, most will not hear.

The golden eagle squares up to look at me,



then smiles.


“There is no choice, my dear.  That is the point.  You have no choice but to step into it, into the opening of your heart, dear.  And from here you will certainly feel like shrieking, certainly feel like crying, giving up.  But you won’t because you have no choice, dear.

You were born wild, and that is how you shall live, and that is how you shall die.”

I left the golden eagle in gratitude.

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