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Adam utilizes mindfulness-based coaching (MBC) with his clients.

Adam guides his clients through holistic approaches that result in true and lasting change. Through emotional intelligence, meditative self-inquiry, journaling, silence, presence moment awareness,
authenticity, and ultimately being a safe place, Adam has helped his clients realize their deepest truths and abilities.

Adam’s training comes from diverse sources, including being an executive, MBA, the recipient of years of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), a licensed coach from Coach Training EDU, teaching mindfulness at Portland State University, and primarily Life.

Clients seek Adam when they are facing great challenges and potential changes/transitions in their lives, and when people simply feel “stuck”. Adam’s unique ability to gain his client’s trust quickly allow for early results while also creating long-term, sustainable change in his client’s professional and personal lives.

Adam offers free 15-minute consultations for a fit assessment.

Charges vary based on need, circumstances, and availability.

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For board of director inquiries, please indicate “board of director” in the message, as I offer a one-year intensive coaching experience for executives. Better than a money-back guarantee, payment is due at the end of the year if the results to which we agreed are accomplished.


“You being as real as you are, gives me an idea of how I could be
more myself in not only my business but my life.”

ConfidentialEntrepreneur in the sports apparel industry

“In just our first session, you helped me work through a very
difficult work situation and the physical symptoms associated with
that stress. Resolved immediately. Magic!”

ConfidentialLeader in the professional sports industry

“Meeting weekly with you these past two years has transformed me,
my way of thinking, my way of seeing, my way of being. I can never go
back to the way I used to be. Thank you.”

ConfidentialCEO in the professional services industry

“I knew I needed this! I just didn’t know where to look. I don’t
meet people that can listen and engage like this. Thank you!”

ConfidentialLeading music instructor

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