Healing Center

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Adam currently lives in Costa Rica and helps operate a healing center in an ecovillage where his clients experience deep transformational change in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment. The healing center, called The Triskel Healing Center, is located one hour northwest of the SJO airport in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Clients who visit the healing center will have access to:
– Transportation to/from the Triskel Healing Center
– The Costa Rican Jungle (5 second walk)
– The Sacred Rio Machuca (5 minute walk)
– The ecovillage’s pool (3 minute walk)
– The ecovillage’s rancho and yoga deck (3 minute walk)
– Workshops held by local masters in healing, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, men’s and women’s circles, journaling, storytelling, singing, permaculture, astrology, vision quests, shamanic journeys, plant medicine, and much more
– Access to Adam to intensively work, in real-time, on the challenges you seek to address

An in-person, intensive experience with Adam is ideal for those who want to make quick changes in their life, family, spiritual path, and business.
Adam is also travels around the world for 1-2 week personal intensives.

Sometimes we must face our darkness head-on with our full attention in order to transcend it and its effects on our lives.

Our darkness and fear are where our gold is hidden. To realize our gold, we must make our hero’s journey into our own darkness, into the areas of our lives where we hide, repress, and deny.

It takes deep courage to ask for help.

Find that courage. Ask for help.

Adam offers free 15-minute consultations for a fit assessment.

Charges vary based on need, circumstances, and availability.

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“Thank you for showing me how to be more authentic in my life. I am no longer pretending to be someone else.”

Confidential – CEO in the pool servicing industry

“I can’t believe I could work through my pain and shadow so clearly. You made it feel so easy and safe. Thank you, friend.”

Confidential – Leader in the export industry

“We went deep brother. Thank you for being there when I was going through my break-up. You listened deeper than anyone else to the real challenges I was facing. I love you, brother.”

Confidential – CEO in the gardening industry

“Thank you for sharing your gifts! I’ll never forget what I learned through our first session. I carry it with me when times are hard.”

Confidential – Stay-at-home Mother

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