Speaker and Facilitator

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Adam inspires and teaches others to look inward for their strength and wisdom.

Through storytelling Adam weaves his life lessons of grit, success, failure, public shaming, and ultimately his step into authenticity. Authenticity is showing up everyday as our true selves, without the many masks we think will keep us safe, make us successful, or make it easier for people to like and support us.

True leadership, both in business and in our personal lives, starts with our own authenticity, our ability to be courageous enough to be, simply, ourselves.

Tremendous value is unlocked when we become free from many of the beliefs we are implicitly taught and unconsciously accept as true. Freedom is our ultimate destination. Adam demonstrates such freedom and inspires others to take steps toward their own freedom.


“I’ll never be the same after today. I’ll never forget you, Adam!”

Beverly K.Conference attendee after hearing Adam speak at the 2016 Coach Training EDU Conference in Portland, Oregon

“Thank you for sharing your story. You showed me what courage looks like and now I feel courageous enough to face some things in my life that I’ve needed to face for a very long time. Thank you.”

Cameron S.Student at the University of Texas in Arlington after a 3-hour workshop on authenticity (2016) lead by Adam

“I’ve never met someone like you. Never. Where do you come from?”

Cindy L.Student at the University of Texas in Arlington after a 3-hour workshop on authenticity (2016) lead by Adam

“During this career search, there are many lessons and ideas that I refer to and remember from our time together.”

Jason M.Founder and CEO of a sports academy after being coached by Adam (2016)

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